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Dental implants are permanent, fully functional, natural-looking replacements for your missing teeth.


Dental implants are an option for permanently replacing missing teeth. They mimic your natural tooth roots and are fully functional, natural-looking replacements for your missing teeth. An implant is a small titanium metal screw that is carefully inserted by our skilled dental surgeons into the jawbone to replace a missing natural tooth root, acting as a support for crowns, bridges or holding dentures firmly in place.

Dr Chatterjee trained with top implant specialists Prof Ucer at Trafford Hospital and Dr Austin Hughes and has been placing implants since 2011. He uses the popular Straumann and Sweden and Martina systems, depending on your individual needs, and is also experienced in bone grafting if your existing jawbone is insufficient for implants.


  • Implants can restore the smile you have lost or offer you the smile you have always wanted.
  • Start enjoying your favourite foods like apples, steak and even corn on the cob again with confidence and without the plastic of dentures covering the roof of your mouth.
  • Only dental implants can permanently replace the roots of missing teeth and eliminate the need for sticky denture adhesives and even for dentures themselves.
  • Implants look and feel just like natural teeth.
  • Implants can help conserve your bone structure and support your facial tissues. They can reduce or eliminate bone atrophy, which causes “shrinkage” or facial cosmetic changes.
  • Implants eliminate the need for cutting natural teeth to replace a missing tooth and offer a permanent solution that cannot decay.

Has tooth loss left a gap in your life? Give us a call on 01925 768 111 and book your first dental implant consultation appointment today!

Your Dental Implants Questions Answered!

Dental implants are a safe and well-established treatment. It is widely recognised as one of the most reliable and long-lasting solutions for replacing missing teeth.

At Bhawani’s Dental, we ensure the highest standards of safety and hygiene throughout the implantation process. So, you have nothing to be scared of.

Most adults in good general health, with adequate jawbone to support the implants, are candidates for the treatment.

Smokers or those with certain health conditions may need to be evaluated more thoroughly to ensure successful outcomes. Schedule a free consultation with our team now to assess your suitability for implants with a detailed examination.

Dental implant surgery is typically performed under local anaesthesia, which minimises pain during the procedure. Post-surgery discomfort varies from person to person but is generally manageable with over-the-counter pain relief.
It does not harm adjacent teeth; instead, they provide support and stability, which can actually protect surrounding teeth from shifting and suffering wear and tear.
With proper care and maintenance, it can last a lifetime. However, the longevity of the implant significantly depends on good oral hygiene practices and regular dental check-ups.
While implants are designed to be a permanent solution, they can be removed if necessary, due to complications or other rare circumstances. To remove or replace your implants, give us a call right away!
The cost can vary depending on the specifics of each case, such as the number of implants needed and any additional procedures. We recommend you contact us to receive a detailed and personalised cost estimate.
As with any surgical procedure, there are some risks associated with dental implants, such as infection, nerve damage, or implant failure.

Yes, it can replace multiple teeth. So, whether you’re missing consecutive teeth or require full arch restoration, implants can provide a secure and natural-looking solution.


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