Why your dentist in Culcheth would recommend electric brushes

Having a good brushing regime is pivotal when it comes to maintaining good oral health. But, not a lot of people realise that the type of brush can also have quite an impact on the overall longevity of your teeth. At Bhawani’s Dental Care your dentist may advise you to switch to an electric toothbrush from your normal manual one and here’s a few reasons why.

Dentist in CulchethDeeper clean

Nothing beats a bit of elbow grease and force when it comes to brushing, but the oscillating tip of an electric brush can reach deeper than you would with ordinary bristles. The vibrations are also perfect for breaking up plaque that is deep between the smaller gaps in your teeth.

Although, be careful how hard you press the teeth into your gum line as you can erode parts of your gum if you’re overzealous with the brush. Your dentist in Culcheth might recommend a brush with multiple settings to help you figure out the best routine.

Reduces one-sided brushing

An interesting thing about electric brushes is that they help reduce the one-sided phenomenon.

Basically most of us tend to prefer one side of our mouths to the other, right-handed people go for the right, lefties the other. This then results in one side of your mouth having an uneven amount of force put on it, which can cause its own range of wear and tear issues.

With an electric toothbrush the same amount of force is applied evenly throughout, resulting in a perfect clean of all your teeth.

Perfect for those with limited movement

For our elderly patients or those suffering from arthritis, having an electric brush that does all the work for you is perhaps one of the top reasons your dentist in Culcheth might recommend a powered brush. Guiding a brush around your mouth that pulses and removes plaque on its own is perfect for anyone that might struggle with some of the finer wrist movements that are required for brushing.

Aids in lowering enamel damage from regular brushing

It’s no secret that we all brush differently. Some of us use light motions, whilst others try to scrub our molars like they’re the last dirty pan in the sink. But, did you know that the way you scrub your teeth can have quite the lasting impact on their sensitivity?

Scrubbing that little bit too hard can actually remove the enamel, which will make them more susceptible to things like hot and cold foods. But, with the rotating pulses of an electric brush you won’t have to worry as they only apply a gentle amount of pressure where it’s needed to dislodge any plaque that’s managed to build up throughout your day.

If any of these great benefits sold you on an electric toothbrush but you’re not sure where to start, then why not have a chat with your dentist in Culcheth on your next appointment.