Why see a dentist for proper gum care

Gum care is a critical part of dental health. This is because gums play an instrumental role in mouth health and function. Largely overlooked by patients in favour of teeth (when it comes to oral hygiene), gums provide the much-needed support for teeth and vital stimulation for the jawbone.dentist-in-culcheth

Most patients tend to concentrate on daily brushing teeth to stave off cavities and tooth decay. Many neglect flossing which is a non-negotiable to keep both teeth and gums happy. At Bhawani’s Dental Care our extremely capable dentist in Culcheth has a wealth of experience in treating a wide range of dental issues and conditions. Our service menu includes general dentistry, preventive dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry. When it comes to gum care, an experienced dentist in Culcheth can be the key difference in avoiding progressive gum disease. But why is it so important to look after one’s gums? We take a look at some of the ways gums contribute to overall health and wellbeing and why t is necessary to have them checked at those all-important routine check-ups at the dentist in Culcheth.

Importance of keeping gums healthy

Gums offer teeth security

Teeth need the wall of security provided by the gums to keep them secure. Gum have ligaments that are attached to teeth hold teeth in place. It is not just cavities that are responsible for tooth loss but gum disease too. The gum inflammation that so often is a precursor to periodontal disease weakens the link between gum tissue and teeth which opens the path to tooth loss. Gums serve another function useful to orthodontic treatments.  The periodontal ligament makes it possible for the incremental shifts in teeth realignment.

Gums protect the jawbone against deterioration

Another worrying condition that goes unmissed by patients is jawbone deterioration. Buried deep beneath the gum line, it is easy to forget the presence of the jawbone. To remain strong, the jawbone requires the stimulation provided by teeth roots that are nested in the gum tissue.

Gum health connected to physical health

Dental experts have established a link between poor gum health and chronic medical conditions. Gum inflammation has been found to exacerbate chronic conditions like heart disease and diabetes. Bad bacteria that manage to bypass receding gum lines can find their way to the lungs, triggering lung infections.

Healthy gums contribute to a great smile

A lesser-known role of gums is that they need to be healthy to compose a beautiful selfie-worthy smile. Next to teeth being bright and straight are gums that are free from disease. This means no inflammation, no redness and no receding gum line. By helping your smile look its best, gums also contribute to mental and emotional wellbeing by boosting self-confidence.

At Bhawani’s Dental Care we always encourage patients to prioritise gum care. Neglect gum care and patients will invariably face lengthy treatment plans which can be costly. It is much easier to treat gum problems that are in the initial stages than when these have been left untreated to develop into advanced stages of periodontal disease. Why not put gum care at the top of your list, get in touch with our front desk team to schedule a check-up appointment today?