Taking control of the appearance of my smile at a dentist in Culcheth

With our options on improving the look of your teeth, we aim to give you a smile that makes you confident and happy. We can change your teeth from crooked and dull, to straight and gleaming, making you feel at ease with your appearance. Bhawani’s Dental Care understands that, if you think about having a full set of metal front teeth braces as an adult, getting your teeth fixed can be a daunting thought that some may consider being a deal-breaker. However, there are other options available to you, to help you get the smile you want at your dentist in Culcheth without the embarrassment of braces.dentist-culcheth

Different options for all your concerns

You may be wondering how to better your smile in order to boost your confidence at social gatherings, in the workplace, or for social media. There are many things, ranging from a simple deep clean to orthodontic treatments, that you can do to enhance your appearance.

Porcelain veneers – this treatment can easily cover up stained or chipped teeth. Veneers are like a mask that each tooth wear to make you look like you have a set of gorgeous white teeth even though you may be a habitual coffee drinker. Porcelain veneers let you cover up all manner of dental sins from smoking to consuming too many acidic foods.

Teeth straightening – with invisible braces we can align your natural teeth within 6 months to a year and the best part is that no one will notice you are wearing any kind of appliance. A clear aligner will be fitted to your teeth to shift them in increments over time. It is completely removable for eating and brushing your teeth and won’t get in the way of your lifestyle.

Dental implants – this is a more dramatic treatment and is used for long term, permanent results in replacing missing teeth. They are secure and often a better option instead of a full set of dentures, as they do not stand the risk of falling out, and allow you to continue an active lifestyle, enjoying all the foods you normally would with confidence.

White fillings – unless you’re a wealthy rapper who can afford platinum, gone are the days where metal fillings give away your need for dental work. If you need a filling, your dentist in Culcheth can offer a white option that is unnoticeable, no matter where it’s placed in the mouth and we can also replace old dark fillings with the new white ones to restore your smile to its former glory.

Teeth whitening – this is a simple guaranteed solution to a brighter smile. Teeth whitening can be performed professionally at your dentist in Culcheth for outstanding results with a noticeable difference. Teeth whitening procedures can be done before veneers and implants are created for your mouth, as they can then be matched to your new whiter teeth.

For any of your cosmetic dentistry needs, we have a solution that will fit easily into your lifestyle to give you the confidence you need to move forward with your goals knowing you’re putting your best self forward.