Everything you need and more from your dentist in Culcheth

When you choose a dentist in Culcheth, you need to know that you’re choosing a professional team who has all of the appropriate resources to make every treatment possible available to you. That way, you can rest assured knowing that your treatment will be exactly what you need to have a healthy smile.

culcheth-dentistFrom general dentistry to more specific care regarding teeth alignment, missing teeth and routine restorative care, your dentist in Culcheth has the experience, technology and equipment that is needed, so that you can get back quickly to smiling your best smile.

We want to make it easy for our patients to enjoy a healthy mouth, so by ensuring that you feel comfortable and confident, we hope that you stick to the healthy habit of coming in to see us at least once every year. By talking to us about your unique situation, you may find that it is beneficial for you to see us more often.

Using our expertise to ensure that your mouth is fully functional is our top priority. Rest assured that we are motivated, dedicated and eager to guarantee that you walk out of our dental practice feeling great.

What are some of the treatments that we offer?

Depending on your personal situation, here at Bhawani’s Dental Care, you will experience a bespoke treatment that is tailor made to your needs. This means, that for us to be able to accurately identify any areas of concern, we need to sit down with you and talk to you about your oral health goals and any concerns you might have, alongside a thorough oral examination.

Both these avenues of care are important, for you to feel at ease with our service, as well as to allow us to gain a deeper understanding of your habits and health. It is only by combining these together that your dentist in Culcheth can provide you with the bespoke care that you need.

We offer care in the three fields of dentistry that make up an overall oral health care plan: preventive, restorative and cosmetic. Often these fields overlap and treatments are a combination of all or some of these areas, however, it is important to grasp the importance of each kind of dental health care individually.

There has been a shift in recent years to focus on the importance of preventive dental health care. By ensuring teeth and gums remain strong and healthy for as long as possible, you are able to maintain full functionality of your smile.

Preventive care involves some treatments, but is also focussed on education, ensuring there is a great oral hygiene system taking place daily, cleaning teeth to keep them looking and feeling great.

Restorative and cosmetic treatments ensure that you can keep loving your smile and using your teeth normally. By replacing missing teeth or straightening your teeth and jaw so that you can eat and talk properly, you are improving your overall health and well-being too, both physically and mentally.

Come in and speak with us as soon as you can to ensure that you don’t waste another day without a happy, healthy smile.