Dental implants with our dentist in Culcheth for a happy healthy smile for life

It is important to visit our dentist in Culcheth regularly to make sure that your teeth are clean and strong and that you have healthy gums that will hold your teeth in place. Visiting our dentist in Culcheth can help prevent dental complications in the future. Unfortunately, avoiding the dentist can have a significant detrimental impact on your oral health because many dental issues are asymptomatic, and by the time you realise something is wrong, the damage may be irreversible or affect your surrounding teeth. If you visit our dental team frequently, then we will be able to detect dental issues at the onset so that they can be treated successfully and you can limit the damage to your surrounding healthy teeth and gums.


If you suffer from some dental problems that require a tooth extraction or have lost a tooth, then speak to us at Bhawani’s Dental Care to find out about the options that are available for you. Missing teeth can be uncomfortable, affect your self-confidence and also be detrimental to your oral health because they can weaken your surrounding teeth and cause issues such as bone decay. Dental implants are the gold standard in replacing missing teeth and have seen a significant uptake over the last two decades, although they have been available for almost 60 years. Much research has been carried out in the field of implant surgery, and with advances in technology, dental implants have become a permanent and effective method of replacing missing teeth, although it may be an invasive procedure.

To find out whether your missing teeth can be addressed using dental implants, our dental team will thoroughly examine your teeth and gums. We will have to make sure that you have no underlying health issues that may affect the surgery or your recovery.

Bone grafting

Another important factor in dental implant surgery is the quality of your jaw bone. For your dental implant surgery to be a success, you must have a healthy jaw bone with sufficient density. Therefore, you have to visit our dentist as soon as possible after your tooth falls out because the longer your tooth is missing, the greater chance there is of tooth decay. To address this issue, you will undergo bone grafting when necessary, and you can find out more information about how this is done at the time. Bone grafting will be carried out either a few weeks prior to the implant surgery or at the time of the surgery, depending on the extent of grafting necessary.

The surgery itself may take several months to complete; however, this is a permanent solution to addressing your missing teeth so it might be worth the wait. Come speak to us at Bhawani’s Dental Centre and visit our dentist in Culcheth today to find out more about dental implant surgery. Using dental implants, our team can help improve the aesthetics of your smile, restore the function of your teeth and ensure better oral health for the rest of your life.